Despite having innumerable employee benefit schemes, training opportunities and communication channels in place, it is concerning to know that only 8% of employees in the UK are highly engaged*.

With over 14 years of experience and working with teams representing over 100 global organisations, we understand that the heart of any business is its people.

We help you to develop and deliver team experiences that are customised to your requirements. All our training and team engagement programs are result driven with a measurable positive impact on-

  • Employee Confidence

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Wellbeing

  • Employee Recognition

All our training and team programs are facilitated by our Founder Minoti Parikh. She comes with an international experience of facilitating more than 1600 events & training programs in over 25 countries. Minoti specialises in human resources and industrial psychology and is a certified Trainer from the Dale Carnegie Institute.

Minoti’s style is interactive with emphasis on taking the learning home. She has facilitated team training and engagement programs for organisations like Hyundai, ICI Dulux, VFS Global, Akzonobel, Grant Thornton, West Yorkshire Fire Services, Vodafone, Axa Life Insurance, Colgate to name a few.


What we do?

Our Corporate packages are tailor made solutions based on your requirements. We listen to, gain an understanding of your requirements and help you answer the what, where, how and when.

We are passionate about developing and creating team experiences that have a measurable impact on employees. Our focus is on developing customised solutions for our clientsthat address challenges specific to the organisation. 


Our solutions can be delivered through-

  • In-house training

  • In-house workshops & activities

  • Team away days

  • Recognition programs

Our team building programmes  are customised solutions focusing on (but not limited to) improving these aspects of the organisation- 




Our programmes focused on 'Confidence' help individual’s to better understand their mindset and attitude thus improving their self confidence.

Through interactive techniques, we then work on ways to project this inner confidence through impactful & powerful communication. This program is delivered through proven training modules for a group of up to 20 individuals.



How engaged are your employees with your company vision?

These team day programmes are focused on 'Engagement'. These help to understand the day-to-day barriers that team members face in their communication and engagement with each other. We design creative and fun techniques that not only bridge the gaps, but are also easily incorporated within the organisational structure.



We believe that only if we take care of the wellbeing of our employees, will they feel motivated to give their best. Through our wellbeing workshops we focus on increasing mental strength through mindfulness.

We create awareness of self and others through the power of movement and rhythm. This enables each individual to be more mindful of themselves and their colleagues thus helping to increase the productivity of the entire team



Are your recognition strategies aligned to your team's goals?

Often we find that a reward scheme can be a 'tick box' activity. Our programmes that focus on 'Recognition' ensure that the most important asset in an organisation, your people, feel valued. Once we have understood what your team value, we then create and implement a personalised recognition programme


We call ourselves This Pampered Life because we believe that we all deserve that extra care and attention. We go that extra mile for all our packages, be it a day to recognise your staff or a treat for your family. The beauty lies in the detail.

Working with over 100 global brands, has helped realise that 'Experiences' are what makes our personal and professional lives more enriching.  

We believe in investing time into really understanding client requirements and delivering customised solutions

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