Are you investing in employee wellbeing and engagement but have little to show for it?

Extensive research within the UK services based industry has identified these three challenges as the most concerning for organisations today-

- Maintaining employee productivity

- Managing stress levels

- Keeping staff engaged

We have collaborated with Leeds based wellbeing company Mind It to address this gap with a bespoke result driven solution.

Our solutions are specifically catered for the services industries and are facilitated by our Founder Minoti Parikh and Director of Mind It- Lucile Allen-Paisant.


Caring for your team's mental outlook and personal development is what we specialise in.

We will arrange for a prior consultation in order to design a training program specific to your team's requirements.

Our programs help to-

  • Improve mindfulness

  • Improve self confidence

  • Improve ability to manage stress

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase team engagement

Please click here for more details on our employee engagement and well being programs.

Our programs are ideal for up to a group size of 20



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Let us take the hassle away from you. Let us take care of your team's well being and productivity through result based methods.