I made it to the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs list in the country!

Last week marked 5 years of my journey here in Leeds. Exactly 5 years ago, I landed in Leeds to start my life all over again. Most of my colleagues in India thought I was being naive by leaving behind a highly successful career as a Master of Ceremonies and TV Presenter, my family too were nervous for me. To be honest, I too was nervous and quite often in my first year doubted my decision to leave a career so solid, I often asked myself 'Why' did I do something so silly! From being ridiculed for my accent to being told that I won't work here and that all my years of experience in India are of no use...I have had my share of lows BUT after picking myself up and restoring faith in my own abilities, I realised my 'WHY' very soon.


Five years on, last week I walked into the House of Lords to be recognised as one of the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in UK....did I ever imagine getting here in just 5 years...Hell NO! 


It was an absolute honour to be selected as part of Small business campaign f:Entrepreneur Top 100 female entrepreneurs in the country. This great campaign was celebrated at the House of Lords ahead of International Women’s Day and what a day it was! 

Meeting 99 other women who are inspiring their peers and communities through their businesses and wider activities was an honour and to be recognised for my success as the Founder of This Pampered Life. I was also listed for my achievements as an International Public Speaker, Trainer and TV Presenter along with my volunteering work as an Honorary Fellow of Lancaster University and a Governor at a local school in Leeds.

The aim of f:Entrepreneur is to showcase multi-achieving women in the #ialso Top 100, to provide lessons of challenge and success for all small business founders – both men and women. Both f:Entrepreneur and peak b were founded by Michelle Ovens MBE, who is also director of Small Business Saturday UK and chair of the Small Business Charter. 

Of course, I have miles to go but if there is one thing that I can recommend then it is the chance to step out of your comfort zone and start your life all over again! Today I know it was the best decision ever! 

There is always a bigger plan out there for you, trust your gut and more importantly yourself and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. 

P.S- You can read more about my story and the campaign here-