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 This month we have a special guest blog feature that we know you will love. Why special guest blog you ask? That’s because we are warming up to our most favourite part of the year- ‘Christmas’! Perrin from Roth Read Photography (go check them out if you still haven’t) has in this blog shared about their love for creating timeless memories, her favourite memories of Christmas and okay she also mentions how amazing This Pampered Life is but hey you already know that ;-p

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You know how thrilling it is when two things blend together fabulously well?  Cheese and wine, coffee and cream, Maltesers and salted peanuts (they do, honest).  Well, that’s just how Lincoln and I felt when we first met Minoti: within minutes it seemed as if we’d known her for years.

So, what drew Roth Read Photography and This Pampered Life together?  That will be the common passion to create exquisite hassle-free experiences where our clients feel extra special!

Which may sound a little clichéd, but our shared purpose truly shaped the discussion around our first meeting (well that and the fabulous views from her 17th floor office across Leeds City centre . . . wow!)

 Plus, we’re both partial to getting down and quirky! To think outside the box and go that extra mile for our clients to create memories to last a lifetime.   And now that we’ve teamed up those special moments can be captured in print and handed down and shared with future generations. 

Like Minoti we feel the ‘beauty is in the detail’ as Lincoln and I turned away from generating ‘production line’ photoshoots in a studio.  We love to consult with and design personal photoshoots for our clients . . . anything goes as we leave the studio behind for stunning locations or to indulge in a luxury portrait session at The Principal Hotel, York or Fibre Penthouse, Leeds.

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Collaborating with other like-minded businesses is such a buzz and we’re so excited to be enriching more lives and creating fabulous occasions with This Pampered Life.  If you have any thoughts about how we can design the ultimate experience for you please let us know!

Friends and family take their own pictures to capture and treasure a special time and, as professional photographers, we also cherish that sentiment.  We understand it’s the time of the selfie but one girl, doing a peace sign pouting into her bedroom mirror is pretty much the same as another.

One image I treasure is of my family on Christmas day 1981: the trimmings are up, all the presents are unwrapped, and my late parents had been jiving to ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ from the new Queen Album.  I adore this scene and whether I hear the song, see the photo or there’s that Christmassy feeling in the air – this picture is always in my mind revisiting a flood of happy feelings.  What memories are you creating this festive season?

Perrin x

Roth Read Photography

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Yup that is exactly what we too are asking you this Christmas- What memories are you creating this festive season?

If you are looking to capture these memories with a unique and luxurious photoshoot experience then we highly recommend you check out the fantastic offers by Roth Read photography-

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