New Year = New goals for your team

Yes, I know, you may say that we are already three weeks into 2019 so does it count as ‘New Year’! Well, at least for us, it all seems to be back into full action mode only since the end of last week.

As soon as the new year kicks in, most of us start making plans for the new year. I love planning but how many of us genuinely set an intention for ourselves first and then come up with concrete plans that align with our intention? I am no Life Coach but I know that setting an intention can help bring clarity to your plans and create a definite path to success. This holds true for all of us regardless of our ‘Job title’ really!

For instance, If you have a team to manage, you need to set the intention for your team members and set definite targets based on that. Another aspect to keep in mind in this scenario is to understand and be mindful of each team member’s personal goals as well. Your team will perform to their maximum only when they feel important and valued, right?

New year brings with it a refreshing feeling of positivity and that is why we recommend our clients to make the most of this time of the year to plan your team days and your team training needs.

We believe that a new year brings with it the joy of setting new goals for you and your team. The success of which massively depends on your team....and not just any team but a highly engaged and happy team :) 

Are you looking at making your team a highly engaged one?

Enter **This Pampered Life**

We help you through the entire process and help you increase the productivity and engagement of your team through customised training and development programs. Last year itself saw us designing and delivering outstanding results for our clients. (Check out our testimonials) and we are already working with clients to to introduce specific programs to help maintain the engagement quotient of their people


Let’s keep the momentum of the new year to last for the entire year.

We would love to help you plan specifically personalised training days for the most valued people of your organisation. Please let us know whether we can help? 

Regardless of us being in the picture, we definitely recommend focusing on creating specific programs that are aligned with the team and we are sure that an engaged team will help you achieve your results with ease.

Have a fulfilling year and please let us know your thoughts. We love hearing from you lovely people xo

Until next time, Ciao x

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