Five ultimate experiences you MUST try this lifetime!

So if you know us, you would know that we are super passionate about bringing unique experiences to you because we truly believe that 'Experiences are what makes our lives enriching'.

Every once in a while we are asked by our clients to put together ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD experiences for them and in true This Pampered Life style we are always up for a challenge! So today we think we should share our madness and passion with you and that's why we have put together FIVE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCES that at least we definitely want to try this lifetime! 

If you are in need to escape reality for a short while to unwind and recharge or you are looking to whisk away your loved ones for a breathtaking surprise or you are up to challenge your self like never before then we have something that you might be interested in! :) 

This list is sure going to get your hearts pumping! So get ready to start dreaming about the ultimate experience of your lifetime.

A word of caution, these experiences are definitely not for the faint hearted!

1. Artificial Surfing Lake anyone?

Behold the world’s first artificial surfing lake right here in the UK! Surf Snowdonia is an artificial wave pool at Dolgarrog in North Wales. Waves are generated with one button so say the word and the surfing experience awaits you!

Surf lessons are carried out by expert instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, Surf Snowdonia will ensure you get the most out of their variety of surfing experience.



2.     That’s it, I am off to Space!

Hop on board the most luxurious flight experience you will ever take using the unique Bloon system. Something once only considered for astronauts is now available to you! The flight will allow you and friends to have a full 360° view of the scenery as you ascend and descend gracefully reaching 36km above the earth! You can choose the take-off location as well as food and beverages with Michelin star meals on offer! It may have been one giant leap for mankind, but you have the opportunity of a lifetime at your fingertips!



3.     Make a style statement in a Harley-

For this experience we are bringing USA Vibes to this side of the pond with Harley Davidson Experience Tours! This experience will give you a taste of American life, as you ride the famous Harley across the picturesque countryside. Not only can you choose the length of your Harley tour, but the Harley you drive is in pristine condition so let your dreams become reality and get ready to zoom in ‘Easy Rider’ style.



4.     Made to Measure-

Do you often have your clothes tailored? Perhaps the experience is one you have always wanted? With access to the world’s finest fabrics and over 40 years of tailoring heritage, Hemingway Tailors can offer the very best of women’s and men’s tailoring. They define the meaning of ‘made to measure’ as they hand-craft clothes to your bespoke taste. It is the perfect gift for those already a fan of tailoring and who have never experienced the benefits! Choose your own fabrics and create your own identity.



5.     Military Operations

Looking for a challenging experience? What’s more challenging than a realistic military experience run by ex-British Forces personnel! Get involved in very realistic missions and learn new skills from British Forces instructors. Redefine adventure and experience realistic military operations. Who dares to win,we say!  



We hope our fantastic range of experiences has already got your mind racing and hearts pumping! Which one is your favourite? Which one is going to get on the bucket list then? 

We would love to hear your thoughts and if there is any specific experience/occasion you are looking to explore then why not drop us a line to arrange for a quick call? x 

This blog is written by our very talented Social media assistant Maleehah Afzal.

This Pampered Life is a Yorkshire based company with a successful global record in designing personalised experience days for corporate and personal clients. Working with over 100 global brands, has helped realise that 'Experiences' are what makes our personal and professional lives more enriching. They go that extra mile for all their packages, be it a day to recognise your staff or a treat for your family. The beauty lies in the detail.