Let's think out of the box, shall we?

Now that the new year celebrations are over, its time to get 'back to the grind' and focus on the end of the financial year. You need all your workforce at their utmost best but the January blues may mean they need something extra to stay motivated! So with a This Pampered Life spin, we have 5 quirky out-of-the-box ideas for you to rally your team and project more motivation at one of the most important times for a business!

1. Volunteering for Charity Events

Volunteering for charity events can be a great way to get team members to get together and bond over their contribution for a good cause! Each department could do a different fundraising activity and see who can raise the most money. Having friendly competition could be a great way for the teams to work well together! The fundraising activities could include sponsor walks or bake sales. Nothing brings a team closer than doing something with a cause and knowing your contribution is meaningful.


2. Walking in another Departments shoe’s

One thing you will hear from a lot of employees is that they are intrigued with what goes on in other aspects of the business! So why not let them go around in the other departments for a day where they can pick up new skills and have an insight about how the other areas of the business work. Not only will this help them to lower their stress levels before a tough final quarter, it will provide them with a high power day of learning in a stress-free environment!


3. Bring your Pets to work day!

Pets bring joy to people's lives in so many ways. Did you know, an experiment at Michigan University found that having dogs in the workplace can increase trust among employees and act as a social catalyst? Allowing employees to bring their pets to work can increase the spirit amongst the team as well as creating a sense of community. There’s no denying that pets can play a huge role in relieving stress. Of course a schedule would need to be in place in terms of who is bringing pets on what days but as long as pets can adhere to certain guidelines, a pet-friendly office every once in a while can do wonders to ease the tension!


4. Celebrate, Appreciate and Replicate

Letting your employees know that you appreciate them and they are valued can do a lot to boost morale and inspire high- quality work. Although this might seem obvious, small gestures that say “thank you” can go a long way. In some companies, the CEO of the business sends authentic hand-written thank-you cards to employees every month! Sometimes little incentives like gift cards or even recognition in the monthly office newsletter will give people the satisfaction that their work is appreciated. Acknowledging and rewarding good work will only make employees replicate it in the long-term!


5. Embrace the Outdoors!

Its coined the great outdoors for a reason! By breaking the barriers of an enclosed office boardroom meeting, why not incorporate “walking meetings” that involve ongoing discussions while walking around the nearby park. Also, incorporating team-building days that surround outdoor activities like assault courses will bring the team together and would be something for everyone to look forward to!


We hope our out of the box ideas have inspired you to think about what you will do at your office space this season? These are just a select few ideas to motivate your workforce but if you would like some more inspiration for a busy financial year end then we are happy to help :)

We would love to help you with loads more creative ideas for our team building activites! We are most happy to help on 07748 493 689 or drop us a line at hello@thispamperedlife.com


How to smash your Office Christmas party?

Christmas is around the corner and that can only mean one thing…...The Christmas Party! The office party is a great way to show appreciation to staff for all their hard work and generally create a festive atmosphere that boosts morale! However, they can be a bit of a nightmare to organise. Luckily for you we have some cracking party ideas for your team that we’re more than happy for you to steal! Check out our top five party themes to enjoy the festivities:

1- Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

Everyone knows them unpleasant Christmas sweaters you are gifted every year, with horrible striking shades of every color in the rainbow! Why not put them to good use for your Christmas party which celebrates their dreadfulness! The most horrid sweater deserves a prize too!


2-Christmas Masquerade Ball

If your work has more of a casual wear set up then give everyone an excuse to dress to the nines with a Christmas Masquerade Ball. Think harlequin patterns and theatre masks couple that with a wintery wonderland theme could work perfectly. Since Masquerade Balls are all about the dancing, have some cool tunes on and award the best dancer!


 3- Nightmare Before Christmas Party

If your Halloween decorations are already gathering dust, why not put them to good use with a Nightmare before Christmas Party theme. Dress up the room with black and white tinsel, skulls and skeletons in Santa hats, and decorate balloons to look like the iconic Jack Skellington.


4- Winter Wonderland Party

There’s something extra special when you think of a white Christmas. Since our weather is unpredictable, create your own Winter Wonderland! Decorate your party space to look like a wintery palace. Think: white draping, fairy lights, ice sculptures, glittering snowflakes, and cuddly polar bears.


5- Murder Mystery Christmas Party

For something a little unique, think Murder Mystery. Each member of the team is given an identity at the beginning of the night. Someone at the party has been murdered, with the murderer being amongst the faces at the party. With the story including twists and turns, you can enjoy a night of being a detective or covering your tracks as the murderer!


These are just a few party themes that you could choose from. For more unique and fun party ideas for Christmas and how to make sure the party is perfect, follow the links below to find more inspiration!



Of course we would love to help you with loads more creative ideas for your Christmas party! Happy to help on 07748 493 689 or drop us a line at hello@thispamperedlife.com

Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a prosperous new year x