For us at This Pampered Life our clients are our 'Stars' and we are proud at achieving immensely positive customer satisfaction from our clients.

Let's take a sneak peek into the lives of few of our Star's as they enjoy their pampered day out!!

                          Our Clients talking about their experience with This Pampered Life-


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* 'What a wonderful experience Minoti creates for her clients! Every detail is carefully thought through, from the venue to the loveliest, personalised extra touches that take the experience from good to off the scale special! So much better than the standard experience days usually offered. A brilliant way to experience the best of Yorkshire!' -Natalie Ingham

* 'Minoti was spot on with her recommendations for our team building day out. She was very prompt & professional with her communication that made it easier for us to select venues and confirm logistics. The team building activity itself was a huge success and all the extra value additions from Minoti greatly added to our overall experience' -Thomas John

* "My experience at This Pampered Life was unlike anything I have ever done before... and I consider myself a guru when it comes to luxury, self-pampering and having a good time! I have been gifted a full-day pamper package which included a make-over tutorial, photo shoot, afternoon tea and a salsa taster session.....and I can say it was certainly a day to remember! Every little detail in it was oh-so-pampered and perfect, from all the warm personalised letters and treats at every stop of the day, to the champagne, chocolates and the little perks and surprises! I wasn't expecting that at all! I really can't describe how utterly fantastic this experience was. I must say that was the best gift I have ever been given!" -Maya Kamar  

* "Thank you so much for the overall experience, it was amazing. Harald and I loved it. We were in fact talking that it was very clear that you put all your heart and effort to prepare everything to perfection. Thank you again. We loved every minute of our This Pampered Life weekend"-Sandra Almeida

* "I had the most amazing day with friends thanks to Minoti. From Spain to the heart of India....salsa dancing and gorgeous Asian Cuisine .....yum yum!!  The day was simply fantastic. I would recommend This Pampered Life to couples, trios or groups for special occasions" -Hyacinth John

* "What a unique experience it was and we thank TPL for putting in so much effort in making our day so special. The best part of the experience was that everything was planned and organised for us and that meant I could enjoy my time with Erin in a more relaxed way. The detailed itinerary helped us all the way through and the inclusion of every detail right up to mentioning the parking options was impressive indeed. And finally I think the note you gave us at the end suggesting things to visit and see in and around Leeds based on what we did through the day (craft based) gave a real sense of more value for money"-Melanie Jordan

* "I was gifted a This Pampered Life pamper package by my son and I was really surprised to know that my son (and not me) knew about this amazing service offered to people visiting Leeds. I felt really pampered when Minoti took so much care of me at every step and ensured I am directed to the right place (since I do not know Leeds very well) In today's stressful life we forget to 'live in the moment' and experience the small yet special things in life and at the end of the pampered day I felt like I could enjoy these moments more. I am feeling more positive about things because of all the attention and love I got through out. Kudos to you dear" -Urshula H 

* "I was referred to the website by a friend of mine when I was looking for a gift for my fiance for our engagement anniversary and I am so relived that I found this rather unusual concept of gifting which my fiance loved. Busy times at work meant I could not do much planning and This Pampered Life came to my rescue when they designed and delivered a romantic day out for us right here in the city centre itself. All the experiences were designed so that we can enjoy our time together and do things we both love....also being wished by all the partners made the day special. Brilliant execution"-James Daike   

* "Oh my God! I could have never imagined that what I thought to be a regular Spa day could be so much more special. I am overwhelmed and speechless by everything Minoti planned for me on my TPL day. Loved every little detail and thought put much more than I could imagine" -Sarah Bashir

* "So on Saturday the girl crew and I found out what it was like to encounter a 'This Pampered Life' experience. I have to share with you the absolutely amazing experience that this was. We had elected for a salsa lesson with the lovely Trevor, greeted at the door by Minoti a fabulous welcome and we got stuck in. We danced for the next 2 hours put through our paces and side splitting laughter. I was definitely responsible for the laughter. A leisurely stroll from the Victoria Quarter to Millennium Square tour guided by Trevor and greeted again by our Minoti. It was now time to eat. I only had a little but the other ladies they ate the most delicious barbecued meats, fish, salad, curry, naans all freshly cooked and obviously dessert just to be polite! To finish everything Minoti joined us once again to give us lovely, lovely TPL gifts in a beautifully presented gift bag. Thank you TPL for our experience, I couldn't have wished for a better day. We'll certainly be having some more Still smiling even now!"     - Paula McQuilkin

* " Thank you very much Minoti for making us feel like a Princess. We had an amazing time and can't stop raving about our day to everyone we know. The setting was great, all those hidden gems in town within walking distance, and the over-the-top friendly welcoming and friendliness from everyone that left us feeling super-spoiled. Who knew there were so many ways to feel special? The make-up session was a game-changer for me (they were so good at it), and I still find myself trying to imitate that look from the step-by-step guidance they gave us. Oh and absolutely loved the photos from that fun-filled photo shoot which made us feel like supermodels walking all over the town's hot-spots. It was refreshing to sit back and let someone do all the planning, pampering, arranging for a change!-Laura T.

* "I came across This Pampered Life when I was looking out for having a day out just for myself. I immediately contacted Minoti and she was very warm and receptive. She told me to fill in things that I like doing and she came up with the entire idea of what would be the best deal for me given my choices and preferences. I was happily surprised by the way she designed the entire package to suit my needs. The day was so well managed and even the smallest of the smallest details were looked into. We received many vouchers at different places which we could use or redeem later which was a cherry on the topping. I think everyone who is looking to do something different and try out things that they always wanted to but haven’t been able to because it’s too much of a hassle planning things or they don’t know where to go, must really go to This Pampered Life. Minoti is a great organizer and very receptive to your needs and has tied up with I think the best people and places in town. The experience was wonderful and really pampering"-Neha Chawla