Q- What's our story?

A-   This Pampered Life is an experiential living venture that creates exquisite day out packages designed to suit your style. All our indulgent experiences are based in Leeds and are designed and delivered to give you a perfect "ME"or "US" day. Our aim is to weave together experiences and moments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and excited about being 'You'.  All you need to do is fill in your details on the Bookings page and leave the rest to us.

Q- Who is it for? - Our Stars-

A-   A 'This Pampered Life" package is designed to make you feel special and that's why for us, you are our "Star". It is for anyone who wants to take some time off to rediscover their beautiful self and celebrate just being "ME" !

You could be a working professional who wants a break from routine, a bride-to-be, a housewife, a mom-to-be, someone enjoying their retired life.......you could be anyone who desires and deserves a personalised pamper day of relaxation. You could be celebrating a special milestone/occasion in your life....This Pampered Life has something for everyone. Our packages are the ultimate choice to present as a Bespoke Gift voucher too.

Q- What is a Bespoke TPL (This Pampered Life) package?

A-   It simply means that you choose the date, time and duration (between 3-6 hours) and let us know the kind of experiences you would like to take on your special day and we will get it all together for you. The luxury doesn't end there because besides bespoke experiences our main aim is to make every moment of your package special so get ready to be surprised with lots of bespoke goodies and gifts.

Q- What kind of experiences are we talking about?

A-  Experiences form a part of the packages. Each package comprises of 2 to 4 experiences put together just for you or your group which will be based on your preferences and style. While we offer more than 30 different experiences, we have tried to broadly categorize them in the following segments-

Mind, body and soul-

Switch off from the world outside and switch on the power within you. Connect with your core, bring awareness into your body and feel the magic of positivity with these holistic experiences.

Dance like there is no tomorrow-

There is no greater feeling in the world than moving to the sound of music and letting the rest of the world disappear. Find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time with our bespoke dance experiences.

Click! Pose! Pose! Sketch!-

Experience moments of bliss and luxury as our ace photographers/Portrait artists capture the beautiful 'You' or 'Us' and create memories of your pampered day which will last a lifetime or go a bit crazy and enjoy a fun shoot with your BFF's while posing at the coolest spots in town.

Wellness Therapeutic Experiences-

Enjoy the quality time you dream of with our deeply relaxing therapeutic treatments. Unblock the blocks in your body and feel the freedom in your mind, body and spirit with these exquisite experiences.

Quintessentially English-

Complete your luxurious pamper day with a leisure Afternoon Tea experience. Indulge in freshly baked cakes, scones and pastries, delicious sandwiches and cheese and of course a hot cup of tea. A perfect excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.

You've got the look!!

Perfect your look and personality with our bespoke and luxurious Makeover sessions. After all when you are feeling gorgeous from within you got to flaunt it a little, right!!

Laugh, love and learn-

It is said that a perfect day is one that has been spent in learning. Choose from a series of fun workshops and have lots of fun and a good laugh as you invest your 'Me' time into something creative.

Good food is good mood-

Whether you are the one who eats to live or lives to eat we definitely vouch to strike a cord with the foodie in you with our range of "eating awesome" experiences.

Fortunes, futures and fun-

While we completely endorse living in the present moment we think this would be a very interesting and unique experience as you will get a sneak peak into what your future may be like.

Q-  All this sounds great, how do I book in?

A-  Step 1- Please call us on 07748-493-689 for a quick chat OR Please fill in your details on the Bookings page and click Submit. We aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours.

Step 2-  We will get in touch with you for our initial NO-OBLIGATION Consultation call to take you through the different packages we could plan to suit your requirements. 

Step 3- Once you are happy with the details discussed, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit of 20% of the package price to secure the booking. Once we have received the deposit, we will email all the details of the package and confirmations to you.

Step 4- One week prior to your experience day, we will email a detailed itinerary of your bespoke day to you

Step 5- Your This Pampered Life day is here! Step out and let us take you on an experience that you will cherish for a long long time!

Q- Who are our Experience Partners?

A- Each brand/company/business and artist who is our partner has earned a very high level of respect in their respective industry and comes with years of successful experience. Thus we assure you of the high quality of service we will be delivering on your TPL day.

Q- Are all my details confidential?

A- Yes, absolutely. Since these are bespoke packages, we would like to know more about you in order to plan the finer details of the day and be rest assured that all your details are secure and are not reproduced in any other form. Click here to know more about our Privacy Policy.

Q- Finally, who is behind conceptualizing "This Pampered Life"?

A-  Minoti Parikh, Founder of this 'first of its kind' experiential service has been a successful Master of Ceremonies, TV Presenter and Corporate Trainer for 12 years now. She has presented over 1500 corporate events across 15 countries and has been an Events/Marketing Consultant for many of these events.

She has a 'Masters in Management' degree and has an enriched first hand experience at designing and delivering "live" experiences. She is passionate about making "This Pampered Life" a sustainable quality brand in the bespoke experiential market in the UK.