Q- What is our story?

A-    We are a Yorkshire based company with a successful global track record in creating bespoke experience packages for Corporate and personal clients. At the heart of all the action is Founder Minoti Parikh. She comes with an international experience of facilitating more than 1600 events in over 25 countries. Working with over 100 global brands, has helped realise that 'Experiences' are what makes our personal and professional lives more enriching. 

We go that extra mile for all our packages, be it a day to recognise your staff or a treat for your family. The beauty lies in the detail. 

Q- Who is it for? - Our Stars-

A-   A This Pampered Life package is designed to make you feel special and that is why for us, you are our "Star". It is for anyone who would like to take some time out to rediscover their beautiful self, enjoy time with loved ones and create everlasting memories

We create memorable, innovative and bespoke experiences for both corporate and personal customers.

We call ourselves 'This Pampered Life' because we believe that we all deserve extra care and attention. We go that extra mile for all our packages be it a day to recognise your staff or just treat your family‚Ķ.the beauty lies in the detail. 

Q- What is a Bespoke TPL (This Pampered Life) package?

A-   It simply means that you choose the date, time and duration and let us know the kind of experiences you would like to take on your special day and we will get it all together for you. The luxury doesn't end there because besides bespoke experiences our main aim is to make every moment of your package special so get ready to be surprised with lots of bespoke goodies and gifts.

Q- What kind of experiences are we talking about?

A-  We design exquisite day-out packages to suit your interests and style. We offer more than 200 premier experiences for you to choose from nationwide. Just tell us here what your ideal experience day looks like and we will make it a reality. Experiences form a part of our bespoke day out packages. Each package has a minimum of two experiences put together just for you and your group.

Q-  All this sounds great, how do I book in?

A-  Step 1- Please call us on 07748-493-689 for a quick chat OR drop us a line here

Step 2-  We will get in touch with you for our initial NO-OBLIGATION Consultation call to take you through the different packages we could plan to suit your requirements. 

Step 3- Once you are happy with the details discussed, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit of 20% of the package price to secure the booking. Once we have received the deposit, we will email all the details of the package and confirmations to you.

Step 4- One week prior to your experience day, we will email a detailed itinerary of your bespoke day to you

Step 5- Your This Pampered Life day is here! Step out and let us take you on an experience that you will cherish for a long long time!

Q- Who are our Experience Partners?

A- Each brand/company/business and artist who is our partner has earned a high level of respect in their respective industry and comes with years of successful experience. We assure you of the high quality of service we will be delivering on your TPL day.

Q- Are all my details confidential?

A- Yes, absolutely. Since these are bespoke packages, we would like to know more about you in order to plan the finer details of the day and be rest assured that all your details are secure and are not reproduced in any other form. Click here to know more about our Privacy Policy.

Q- Finally, who is behind conceptualizing "This Pampered Life"?

A-  Minoti Parikh, Founder of this 'first of its kind' experiential service has been a successful Master of Ceremonies, TV Presenter and Corporate Trainer for 13 years now. She has presented over 1500 corporate events across 15 countries and has been an Events/Marketing Consultant for many of these events.

She has a 'Masters in Management' degree and has an enriched first hand experience at designing and delivering "live" experiences. She is passionate about making "This Pampered Life" a sustainable quality brand in the bespoke experiential market in the UK.