We turn Two!

Hello peeps!!

It's been an amazing year of growth and success for us and we are so happy to share that we are celebrating our second anniversary this November. While it's not been all happy and positive through out the year like any other business, we have stuck it out and tried to overcome every challenge we have faced.

In this last year we have gone national and launched our services in most major cities in England including London, Oxford, Bath, Lake District, Liverpool etc and we have been featured in local and national media and we continue to maintain our 5***** feedback rating too! Like I said its been a year of adversities as well but I think we have become more successful because of those adversities and not despite them! It can get tough at times but it is so important to remind yourself that- You are being successful in the journey you are taking! Please  could we request you to spare a few minutes to take a look at our journey so far through this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL9oOGxMKko
THANK YOU and A BIGG HUG to all of you who have been so very encouraging..really means a lot to us!

Lots of love xx

Are we connected?

I must admit, I was never a believer of being constantly connected with the virtual world until about two years back. For me sharing something about my life was more out of choice and not that much about compulsion (I have made it a compulsion in my head now) But when you launch a business, the first thing you are asked is to ‘be seen’. I often find it difficult to make sense of all the ‘being seen’ activities that my contacts/friends/acquaintances/forced connections/myself undertake.

 I think it will interesting to pen down a few of my observations of all the conversations I have actively or passively been a part of online.

*Please note- These are just my honest opinions and I am definitely not intending to hurt anyone with my thoughts....there is no right or wrong when it comes to opinions right!

So here it is-

1)- What is one trying to achieve by posting pictures of their holiday destinations and asking you the question “if you would like to be here and if you on the right path to achieve this holiday?” Then there are these questions like- “Are you working long hours? Are you working on weekends? Are you taking a holiday etc”.

My humble thoughts- I find it strange that you need to do a sales pitch while you are on your holiday. Yes people work weekends and on holidays (I sometimes do) but it is not wrong to do so! We are all wired differently. What works for you, may not work for me. Why put it in the wrong only because it doesn’t work for you?

2)- When did staring at your mobile phones while someone is presenting/talking become okay? When did #ing become the focus of attending events?

My humble thoughts- I remember my University days when it was considered bad manners to be distracted by someone next to you or by a book on your table. It was important to listen and respect the person presenting to you. Is it important to ‘virtually reach’ to thousands or to absorb and learn from what you listen?! I will be honest that there have been times when I have made ‘being seen’ my priority over ‘being present’

 3)- Exactly how many World's Best, Award-winning, No. 1, Best-sellers, World famous people are out there? Clearly I am missing out on something here!

My humble thoughts- I am definitely no expert in the English language but I can’t get my head around using words like Best, most talented, World’s best Coach/speaker/Husband/Wife! Seriously are there any parameters that are universally accepted for you to claim to be the ‘best’? I miss the days when there was a lot of thought given before claiming to be the 'Best at something' or to be 'World Famous'.

4)- I do not enjoy online browsing anymore simply because I see so many adverts where people are trying to sell me dreams. Dreams of owning a multi million business, dreams of converting everybody into my client, dreams about this £$ being yours in 60 minutes? To make it more lucrative, these millionaires will ‘help’ me accomplish these dreams that are not even mine to start with. 

My humble thoughts- I am not sure if this is even possible in real time. Even if it is by a slightest chance, why should I believe you? My parameters of believing you are- you have 100’s of followers/likes/shares/views and you most likely are an ‘Award winner’(Phew!) It is weird though that multi million business owners have that kind of time to ‘help’ all those who sign up to their newsletters? Is becoming rich that easy! (No I am not looking for an answer)

5)- When did it become okay to ask a really silly question/join a debate that you know nothing of just because you want to be seen! I often find a lot of professionals post experiences/questions/advice online not to share in the real sense but to be ‘in the conversation’

My humble thoughts- Would you consider yourself more of a professional, more famous, more recognized by posting a question that you anyway do not need the answer to. What are you expecting out of it?

The funny thing is when I read the comments in the post's feed of people replying to the question, that too is often backed by marketing their own talent/rich experience/International exposure and what not! Can a call for help and an answer to help be sans selling your services/products? (unless that is what is asked by the Author of the post)

Of course, there are a lot of interesting and valuable content/articles published online as well but sometimes I am simply amazed at what extent we can go to be seen. What purpose does this illusion of being connected serve?

 My question to you and myself is that-

What is the hurry?

Why do we need that acceptance of making it big? Who decides it anyway?

Do you really need to be 'World's best' at something to be successful?

Is it necessary to blow your own trumpet this aggressively and to project that you are living an extra ordinary life?

Do we need to let the world know everything we do everyday?

I am not saying that I practice everything I preach, I am imperfect and vulnerable to external influences just like anyone else. I can loose track of what is reasonable and what is not, but I guarantee I am not trying to make a sale at the back of this blog nor am I hoping to promote my business. I am only sharing.

It is not that time has become more precious, it is just that we have allowed people who mostly don’t matter to us to overcrowd our lives with dreams that are not ours, products that we don’t use or need, groups/communities that we do not have to follow and ambitions that don’t come from within.

A note to self- I think at the end of the day as long as you are exceptionally good at what you do and you are able to win the trust of your clients/prospective clients to sustain yourself, you will do just fine.

As long as you have a passion, a purpose, a pursuit that you think of every day of your life, you will do just fine.

As long as you are self aware, you will be just fine

As long as you have created a space of security in your life, you will do just fine.

As long as you have given back to society as much as you have taken, you will be just fine.

As long as you have family and friends to share your life with, you will be just fine.

As long as your pressures of rising higher are driven by internal factors and not external, you will do just fine.


Why do you need a team bonding day?

I am sure we are all familiar with the importance of team bonding days and why every organisation regardless of the size of the team should definitely invest in their people.

Recently while speaking to few of my clients, I realised that while taking teams out for a team building session is a familiar concept, many of us tend to skip the obvious and don't realise the importance of making it a continuous practice in our businesses. 

I can not emphasise enough the significance of building a good working environment for all team members. Having worked with innumerable organisations like Apple, ICI Dulux, HP, Vodafone to name a few, I can confidently without doubt tell you that motivating team work is one of the most important goals to have for any organisation. The culture of working together must be at the core of every company regardless of the size of the team. As a manager you are going to achieve sustainable growth only when you equally focus on your employees as you do on your clients.

A team day out would be the perfect way to encourage team members to work together and contribute to common goals.

Here are our top reasons why you should invest in your own people through a creative, fun filled and goal oriented team day together-

1. Improves employees morale-

A business can not run smoothly without its teams. So it is vital to maintain high team morale which determines staff engagement and job satisfaction as well. Team building activities either inside or outside work place would be exciting moments when your staff can immerse into an activity or activities together and show off their individual talents. When you encourage positive energy among members, you are indirectly working towards boosting the morale and the final productivity of all members.

Here are our top reasons why you should invest in your own people through a creative, fun filled and goal oriented team day together-

2. Boost interpersonal relationships-

Team building activities may include talent shows, indoor office based activities, outdoor adventures or a bit of everything. These activities need to be designed to ensure active participation from everyone. The activities would lead to open communication and give your staff a chance to understand their co-workers in real time. The attitude of cooperation would help team members change their “me” to “we” mindsets, which would benefit team-work effectiveness and collaboration. 

pic 5.jpg

 3. Eliminate Barriers-     

  When the office relationships are improved, everyone in an organization can easily      understand each other. In consequence, any conflict would be solved faster because employees are likely to resolve any misunderstanding within themselves thus saving productive time of everyone involved. We definitely endorse getting out (when the weather is nice) and exploring new outdoor landscapes with the team because new places breed new ideas and new ideas breed a sense of achievement among teams that help eliminate barriers of communication.

4. Introducing Changes-

Team days out are perfect times to introduce a new plan, a new model of working together, a new team member, an organisational change or change in method of delivery. Creating innovative and fun ways to interact and ease the members into something new always makes it seem less challenging thus the team feel more ready and positive about the change.

5. Improves Wellbeing-

When your employees are emotionally healthy, their job satisfaction and productivity will inevitably be high. Nothing is more crucial than staff member’s feeling motivated and healthy because that is what drives all of us forward. The key however is to constantly invest in the team and in creating opportunities for the teams to bond outside of their day to day routine.

Now, you can easily organize a team day out for your corporate just with a phone call. We provide you a hassle free personalised service of designing and executing your team building days. Let's get you booked in to a Free Consultation TODAY. Drop us a line at hello@thispamperedlife.com and we will get you booked in.

We hope this has given you at least a reason or two to think about taking a team day out. Trust me, it is the perfect option to LEARN IN A FUN WAY!







Top Five tips for planning a Hen do party

Now, your best friend's wedding is confirmed and she has asked you to be her maid of honor!! While it is one of the most exciting moments of your life to be a part of this journey with your best friend, you also have a lot of 'things to do' for her! 

It is indeed a great opportunity for you to show how much you love her, and you want to plan the best hen night ever for your girl. Let’s have a look around top 5 things to keep in mind when planning a hen do first.

1. Set the perfect date


It is important that you can set a suitable date for everyone on the bride’s list of people she does want to meet on her hen party. We think, a Hen do does not have to be too close to the wedding day because you don’t want the bride feeling exhausted on her big day, right? The guests of the Hen party also need time to recover from the exciting night, so we recommend that the hen night should be at least two to four weeks before the big day.

Don’t forget to fix the date for the hen night and send invitations to the bride’s guest list at least four weeks in advance. Make sure every person the bride wants to meet on her hen do can make it to her party.

2. Plan for 'out of the box' activities



A hen do should not lack excitement so how can you make it amazing and memorable is a big question. Normally a hen do includes food, drinks (a little too many!), games that the guest can enjoy etc. Sometimes a hen party could be a night out with bride’s young ladies or even a weekend out of town. The plan should be well thought out so that everyone would feel involved and most importantly, it leaves unforgettable memories for the bride. To do this, you can plan it yourself with some other besties OR hire the services of a professional if you are short on time and ideas. If you are considering the latter option why not give us a call and have a chat. We will be happy to explain what we can do and how we can make the hen do incredibly exciting. You can count on a Hen do planner such as ourselves to take away the hassle from you so that you can wholeheartedly enjoy the hen party. We will take all your inputs into consideration and design a day based on your suggestions only. Why not tell us the date, number of guests and your other requirements here.


3. Budget and spending

It’s important to think carefully about appropriate spending for a hen do to put together an affordable party that the guest feels comfortable to attend and enjoy. To avoid going over the budget, you can list out every spending and add approximately £10 more per person for any unforeseen contingency. If there isn’t any, the extra money can be used to prepare small gifts or a round of drink. If you hire a hen night planner, you only need to choose the budget per person, every other thing will be set up on budget for you and you don’t have to worry about anything.


4. Choose a suitable location



There are loads of exciting locations in the UK for you to organize a hen do. It could be a night out in amazing bars around town (we recommend heading to cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and the likes) or it could be a classic hen do in a private space in a cozy country side hotel. There are several location options that you can explore in the UK. But if you would rather have someone else research venue options for you then click here . Let us help you find unique locations and exquisite experiences that fit your budget for your bestie’s hen do and let's treat her in the best way that we can.


5. What does the Bride like?

All in all, a hen do is prepared for the bride-to-be so taking care of her should be the most important thing to keep in mind. Put yourself in her shoes and think about what she loves to do and how she enjoys to be treated. You can keep something as a surprise for her if you are confident of her choices or if not it is always helpful to run pass the ideas with her such as the guest lists, budgets etc and remember- The bride is always right! :)

We are in the News again!!

We are absolutely thrilled and excited to share with you that we have been making news...quite literally actually! Our business story has been featured in not one but two prestigious publications. It is a great sense of achievement for us at This Pampered Life to be recognised as a respectable small business in Yorkshire. These articles encourage us to dream bigger and reach greater heights of success. We are blessed to have established ourselves this strongly in such a short span of time. Of course, this is only the beginning :)

Here are the links- (please do take a few minutes to read about us)

1)- Our feature in Yorkshire Times- http://yorkshiretimes.co.uk/article/How-The-Princes-Trust-Is-Supporting-Global-Skills-In-Yorkshire

This Pampered Life in Yorkshire Times

This Pampered Life in Yorkshire Times

This Pampered Life in Business Desk

This Pampered Life in Business Desk

Thank you all for your support and love x

We promise to continue to design and create beautiful and exclusive days and moments for you. After all the beauty of life is in enjoying the smaller yet precious moments of love and celebration.

Minoti ParikhComment
Places to visit in Yorkshire this Spring :)

While chatting with my Mentor today, he asked me what is the one thing that people here talk about that you probably do not discuss back in India? Pat came my reply- The Weather! :)

Well for obvious reasons we in England are obsessed about the weather because the weather seems to be obsessed with giving us adifferent weather experience everyday! But anyway,  that got me thinking about the potential trips I should be planning to take during Spring.....you know since the weather will start getting better!

Here is what typically happens with all of us-
As soon as the powers above start showering us with lots of sunny moments we get our thinking cap on to make the most of the pleasant weather, right! It is that time of the year when we can start feeling positive about the weather.

So I have decided to very quickly tell you about my favorite day trip picks in Yorkshire this season. Some you may have heard of but some may be the undiscovered ones. If you have visited all these places then well I hope you enjoy seeing the photographs at least :)
Honest revelation here- I am absolutely in love with Yorkshire. I started an entire new business to promote this incredibly amazing county is proof about my love story for Yorkshire :)

Here are my top five favorites-

1) Yeadon Tarn - Cemetery Road, Yeadon, Leeds

It's perfect for when you are in the mood to try a new place that does not involve too much traveling (if you are local to Leeds) The Yeadon Tarn is a spot that I think anyone can enjoy. A lovely leisure walk, boats sailing, ducks wandering about while you enjoy your ice-cream....I mean what is not to love in all this right?

I definitely recommend you planning a trip there soon! The photograph below does the rest of the talking for me :)

Yeadon Tarn

Yeadon Tarn

2)- Salt Mills- Victoria Rd, Shipley, Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

Now I know you may be surprised by this but I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with my choice. Salt Mills is one of those undiscovered parts of Yorkshire that has a beautiful Industrial kind of charm to it.  Add to this a host of art-focused stores, selling everything from jewellery to books, antiques and art materials, as well as various eateries, and you’ve got a great day out.

A word of caution- If quirky -out of the box - rich in history kind of places do not excite you then probably I would suggest you skip to my Pick 3 :)

Salt Mills

Salt Mills


3)- Fountains Abbey- Ripon, North Yorkshire.

You gotta love this place if you are a true Yorkshire lass/lad!

A World Heritage Site, and with good reason, Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden is a beautiful spot to spend the day. You’ll find the remains of the Cistercian abbey here, built back in 1132. It was once one of the richest in Europe, and it’s still beautiful today, offering a unique glimpse into the past. This is combined with the Studley Royal Water Garden, Fountains Hall and Mill, as well as The Deer Park and Orchard to create one of the best days out in Yorkshire.

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey


4)- Malham Cove- Yorkshire Dales National Park, Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Needless to say, some of best days out in Yorkshire will see you venturing into the countryside in search of natural beauty spots – and Malham Cove is one that you should certainly hunt out. This limestone scar is awesome to see, and it’s surrounded by beauty spots that help to create one of the most popular walks in the Yorkshire Dales. Visit Janet’s Foss waterfall, Gordale Scar and Malham Tarn all in one leisurely walk, as you cover over 7 miles, passing stunning scenery every step of the way.

Malham Cove

Malham Cove


5) Harrogate Valley Gardens, Valley Drive, Harrogate

The Valley Gardens Harrogate are English Heritage Grade II Listed gardens situated in regal Low Harrogate, which along with woodland, are known as The Pinewoods cover 17 acres. The Valley Gardens contain a greater number of mineral springs than any other known place - visit the area known as Bogs Field where 36 different mineral wells were discovered.

Valley Gardens

Valley Gardens

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a new spot to share? Why not drop us a line below?

Happy Spring!

Love xx

We are in the news!

Apologies for not being in touch with you in a while. We have been super busy putting together exciting TPL packages for so many lovely Stars. We have also ventured into creating weekend packages for couples and families pan UK. Lots of exciting new steps towards creating memories for us and for all of you too.

In all this, I forgot to update you about us being featured in the First Leeds edition of Topic UK. Yay! We are so happy to be recognised and more importantly we are very happy to enjoy the blessings and good wishes of all of you. Thank you and we promise to keep soaring high and to keep our passion for the business alive!

What do you think of this feature? We would love to hear your comments :)

Promise to be in touch soon x


Minoti xx

What I learnt in my first year in business

Hey Dear,

'So Happy to share with you that we recently were featured on Small Business Saturday UK. Feels great to be recognised and appreciated on a national platform. Please read the full article below alternatively please click the link- https://smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com/blog/What-I-learnt-in-my-first-year-in-business'.

I relocated to Leeds from India two years ago.  Previously, I would never have imagined that I would be the founder of a business and that I would be proud to call myself an entrepreneur.

This Pampered Life offers bespoke experience days in Yorkshire. Since launch, last year, the question I have been asked the most is ‘how did you manage to establish a business in a different country’? To be completely honest, I think it all boiled down to ‘passion and perseverance’. However, I also feel it is a combination of many different factors.

Here are a few things that have helped me in my short, yet eventful, journey as a start-up business.

Be A Doer
I believe that all of us have the potential to lead a successful business. We all have ideas about creating new products and services. It all boils down to what we do with the idea! That, in short, is the game-changer, ‘the doing bit’. As an Entrepreneur you start small. It is essential to accept that you will need to ‘do’ everything yourself in order to drive the business forward.

This holds true especially when you are a ‘one man army’. You have to handle all the marketing, selling, delivery and after-sale feedback. This has to fit in-between admin tasks such as finances, filing records and website maintenance.

Don’t Fear A “No”
This has been an important factor in helping me persevere. I remember last year in July, when the idea of This Pampered Life was taking shape. I wrote to the Head of Enterprise at a major university. This was to seek guidance on what it takes to start a business in the UK. The reply, via LinkedIn, was:

‘I would love to meet you to help. However, more importantly, I would like to meet you to congratulate you for your sheer courage in asking for help without any introduction’

It may sound cheeky, but in my head I thought ‘what could be the worst that could happen?’ I could be ignored. However, that would be better than not trying at all. The worst-case scenario will be a ‘No’. It is important to remember that a ’No’ is only a ‘No’ at that moment in time. Trying someone else or trying at a different time, might achieve a ‘Yes’.

Choose Support Wisely
Very early on in my business journey I realised that the UK is definitely one of the best countries for start-ups. This is in terms of the abundant free support we have access to. While this is a great opportunity for all of us, I was unsure what kind of resource was most suitable for me. That meant that I attended way too many free workshops for social media, marketing and networking. Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from each of these events.

However, at some point I needed to sit down and analyse what was most important for my business. Was it going out and investing many hours in connecting with more people or was it sitting down in my office writing to my existing connections? Be selective and conscious of time, was my learning outcome.

People Buy People
At times I would be lost for words when I was expected to talk about my business. There was a point when I thought to myself that there has to be another way. Of course there is. I stopped selling my business to everyone I met. I realised that people buy into you first and then your business. Be genuine.

I started this business because I saw an opportunity to offer something unique. We are fortunate when we have the opportunity to convert our dream into a reality.  While chasing our dreams, take the passion along and enjoy the journey.

Minoti Parikh is the founder of This Pampered Life. She has had a successful career as a Master of Ceremonies, TV Presenter and Corporate Trainer. Along with this, A Masters degree in Marketing and Industrial Psychology has helped her build the brand value of small & medium size businesses in her role as a Marketing and Events consultant.

Minoti ParikhComment
Happy Birthday to us!

Hello lovelies,

It is my absolute pleasure to share with you that we have completed a fantastic year of This Pampered Life. It has been an absolutely incredible year for us and we would like to thank you for the support and love you have given us over the last one year. Thank you for helping us grow and create so many memories with all our Stars. Please share our happiness today by watching a small video we have put together for you. ❤️❤️

Thank you again xoxo

P.S- We are giving away some very special goodies and discounts to all of you this month as part of our Anniversary Special offer. Why not Contact us to know more about our special offers?

The discount offer is valid only until 31st of October 2016 so lets make the most of this.

Lots of love and warmest wishes,

Minoti xx

P.P.S- Don't forget to check out our video xx

We are turning ONE next week! :)

Wohoo!! We are set to reach our 1 year milestone-

This Pampered Life has grown from an idea to a brand in less than a year. We have loved every minute of designing and delivering Bespoke experience days across Yorkshire. We feel thrilled to have created countless unforgettable memories for all our Stars. This is indeed an exciting time for us! 
Watch out for our special Anniversary gift coming up soon!
Thank you so much for being an integral part of our journey and cheers to many more to come!

P.S- Keep an eye out for our "Anniversary special" offer.

Why not subscribe to our Newsletters to keep up to date on all our latest offers and discounts.



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While the sun is shining :)

We have been making the most of the lovely weather and have been busy designing lots of fun experiences for our clients.

Team Day Out packages-

YAY!! The Sun is shining bright and it is time to make the most of the lovely weather!  Over the past few months we have been busy designing and planning lots of fun bespoke team building day out packages across our very own spectacular county Yorkshire. We think it is a fun way of bonding with your colleagues or clients while trying something that you have always wanted to!

We would love to know what kind of activities would you like to enjoy on your day out. Would you like to enjoy playing a sport, going for a walk amidst nature or try your skills at finding your way around with an orienteering experience or perhaps something else?

Why not drop us a MESSAGE TODAY to find out how we can help you with all the designing and planning while you focus on soaking in all the fun?

Family & Friends Pamper Day's out-

Summer is the perfect opportunity for you to take some much needed time out with your family and your best friends as well. It is amazing to see all our Star's choosing different kind of experiences to enjoy on their "Me" or "Us" day out :) From Cocktail Masterclasses to Fine dining, from Salsa Taster sessions to Horse riding... variety is the spice of life! Our clients love their bespoke This Pampered Life day and we love seeing them enjoy their time.

If you would like to book in something fun and exclusive then why not give us a call on 07748-493-689 NOW and we will be happy to take you through all the experiences we offer. We have over 75 Yorkshire based bespoke day out packages for you to choose from and cover a wide range of indoor and outdoor based experiences.

We promise to design a day out that is tailor made to your needs and preferences. The lovely weather is not going to last forever so why not make the most of it TODAY?

Afternoon Tea-ing!

We are extremely happy to share our latest blog on the very British Afternoon Tea that has been featured on the website of Scones, Jam and Cream. Scones, Jam and Cream is a website dedicated to everything Afternoon Tea. Please check out our Blog here- http://sconesjamandcream.com/blog/afternoon-tea-ing/.

You get a chance to win a Complimentary Afternoon Tea for 2 as well as a special offer for Scones, Jam and cream. This offer is valid only uptil the 15th of August 2016.  Click on Contact me and we will get in touch with you.

Lots of love,

Minoti xx

Top experiences to enjoy with your family this summer!

It is the perfect time to enjoy our popular summer time experiences with your family!

Make the most of the bright and sunny days in Leeds and explore our most recommended activities this summer

Outdoor Family Photo shoot- Create priceless memories with your loved ones at gorgeous locations across Leeds. Enjoy lots of giggles and laughter with your family and our team of ace photographers.

Fun Activity Workshops- Get creative and enjoy a fun based learning day with your family. Choose from a wide range of workshops like Tote bag painting, Book Binding, Ceramic painting, Gift wrap making and many more. Create and take back your individual work of art too


Golf Taster sessions- Experience a bespoke Golf Taster Masterclass with a Professional Golfer. Whether you are a beginner or a semi pro you will definitely love this and all equipment is provided by us too. Learn and have fun with your children and enjoy this amazing experience at one of the biggest and prestigious Golf Club's in Leeds.


Afternoon Tea Experiences- Why not add a unique Lunch or Afternoon Tea experience and make it an extra special day of spending quality time with your family? After all time is the best gift that you can give your family.


We can tailor make the day to your style and convenience so that you get the most out of it. After all it is all bespoke. Call us and we will help you plan your family day out in the most unique manner.


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Why This Pampered Life?

To start with this is not a sales pitch. For those who know me should know I am not a big fan of ‘Sales Pitches’ anyway!

        If somebody were to ask me a year back if I had any ambition to start my own business, I would have replied in the negative. I have always been a self employed professional and I thought that it would be best to stick to what you know best going forward. Who knew that 4 months later I would end up drafting a 50 page business plan and then actually launching and running a proper business. But then such is life!

I did not think it to be necessary for me to explain my journey of creating This Pampered Life (TPL) but some very generous friends and business partners insisted that I need to talk about my journey. I gave it a thought (many a times) and since TPL is really about enjoying the process and the journey of life, I thought it actually does make sense that I share the story behind TPL

So to start with (again) I can’t quite pin down one particular moment or thought that led to the idea of TPL but I think it has been a series of conversations, a series of moments of self realization and a series of life changing experiences that made me realize that what we really live for are the experiences and the experiences of our life help us evolve in every true sense. It is the experiences that makes our journey worthwhile. The other thought that I have had at different times in my life is that while money does drive us and motivates us, human beings constantly yearn for non monetary appreciation and recognition. And that is when the idea started to come together in my head. I started asking questions like – Why wait for others to appreciate us when we can do that ourselves? Why wait for only special occasions to create special experiences for us when we have the power to turn any mundane day into a spectacular one? Why wait to travel outside your city of work to feel relaxed and beautiful about yourself?

I must admit it took me a few months to build a business plan around this thought and while at that point I was not completely sure about where all leads to, I was loving the journey of discovering and sharing and writing and then sharing some more. Whenever I felt a bit lost and unsure of the idea culminating into a“business” idea, I would close my eyes and think about my life. In fact it is a little exercise I recommend everyone to do. When you close your eyes and think about your life it will all come back to you in a flash (like how we see in the movies) and funnily the moments that will be etched in your memory will be the emotions you felt while you were experiencing something. The other element which will stand out will be the people who you have been close to. You will see flashes of laughter, smiles, conversations, places you have traveled to, special letters, celebratory days, family, friends etc. When you do this little exercise it just helps you realize what is actually important to you as a person! You will realize that it is the experiences of life that matter most to us.

This little exercise would give me a certain level of reassurance. While I always knew the idea has merit the task was to actually get it out there in the open!

It was a culmination of all these thoughts that made me ask a few questions to myself-

  • What is it that we actually desire for? A comfortable life or in a more fancy way- A pampered Life?
  • And what is a pampered life? It is when we can enjoy the small things in life, it is when we can take some time out to be by ourselves, it is when we can appreciate and recognize who we really are, it is when we can disconnect from the world outside and appreciate the little joys of life. It is a life we can share with our loved ones, when we can try new passions, new cuisines, new sports. A life that is filled with memories of you “being you”.

And that is why This Pampered Life came about. I wanted to create a space where I can design a pampered day (which would hopefully be a start to your pampered life) for anyone and give them the luxury of doing all that I mentioned above. A day created just for you so that it is a ‘dream’ day for you.

My ambition did not stop there, I wanted to make the foundation of the business stronger and that is why I decided to collaborate with local businesses/artists/shops so that I in my micro small way can help promote local talent. And if you are from Leeds you will know we have so so much to offer!

Since the concept is so unique (mostly a first in UK) I did face a lot of challenges (still do) but then as Dad said ‘When there is a will there is always a way’ and I am loving every bit of discovering this ‘way’!

It has been 6 months and I am proud of what I along with my vendors have achieved so far…..the smile and joy on the face of all our Stars (clients) just makes it so worth it! I know I have a long way to go but at the moment I just want to feel happy about TPL. I feel blessed when I see that TPL is doing exactly what it set out to do. It is such an amazing feeling to know that you have indirectly created so many beautiful memories for people, when you have indirectly brought a Mother and Son closer or when you have given an employee the recognition she deserves. It is blissful!

It is a shame that many a times I am unable to share the deeper meaning behind TPL and I am restricted to talk about it in business terms only but then again if I complain I will be ungrateful and that is definitely NOT what TPL stands for!

P.S- I would highly recommend that you take a day off for yourself (regardless of whichever part of the world you belong to) and do the things you love. Give yourself the nurture and care that you give everyone around you. Feel like a Star and enjoy the small luxuries of life