How to smash your Office Christmas party?

Christmas is around the corner and that can only mean one thing…...The Christmas Party! The office party is a great way to show appreciation to staff for all their hard work and generally create a festive atmosphere that boosts morale! However, they can be a bit of a nightmare to organise. Luckily for you we have some cracking party ideas for your team that we’re more than happy for you to steal! Check out our top five party themes to enjoy the festivities:

1- Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

Everyone knows them unpleasant Christmas sweaters you are gifted every year, with horrible striking shades of every color in the rainbow! Why not put them to good use for your Christmas party which celebrates their dreadfulness! The most horrid sweater deserves a prize too!


2-Christmas Masquerade Ball

If your work has more of a casual wear set up then give everyone an excuse to dress to the nines with a Christmas Masquerade Ball. Think harlequin patterns and theatre masks couple that with a wintery wonderland theme could work perfectly. Since Masquerade Balls are all about the dancing, have some cool tunes on and award the best dancer!


 3- Nightmare Before Christmas Party

If your Halloween decorations are already gathering dust, why not put them to good use with a Nightmare before Christmas Party theme. Dress up the room with black and white tinsel, skulls and skeletons in Santa hats, and decorate balloons to look like the iconic Jack Skellington.


4- Winter Wonderland Party

There’s something extra special when you think of a white Christmas. Since our weather is unpredictable, create your own Winter Wonderland! Decorate your party space to look like a wintery palace. Think: white draping, fairy lights, ice sculptures, glittering snowflakes, and cuddly polar bears.


5- Murder Mystery Christmas Party

For something a little unique, think Murder Mystery. Each member of the team is given an identity at the beginning of the night. Someone at the party has been murdered, with the murderer being amongst the faces at the party. With the story including twists and turns, you can enjoy a night of being a detective or covering your tracks as the murderer!


These are just a few party themes that you could choose from. For more unique and fun party ideas for Christmas and how to make sure the party is perfect, follow the links below to find more inspiration!

Of course we would love to help you with loads more creative ideas for your Christmas party! Happy to help on 07748 493 689 or drop us a line at

Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a prosperous new year x

We turn Two!

Hello peeps!!

It's been an amazing year of growth and success for us and we are so happy to share that we are celebrating our second anniversary this November. While it's not been all happy and positive through out the year like any other business, we have stuck it out and tried to overcome every challenge we have faced.

In this last year we have gone national and launched our services in most major cities in England including London, Oxford, Bath, Lake District, Liverpool etc and we have been featured in local and national media and we continue to maintain our 5***** feedback rating too! Like I said its been a year of adversities as well but I think we have become more successful because of those adversities and not despite them! It can get tough at times but it is so important to remind yourself that- You are being successful in the journey you are taking! Please  could we request you to spare a few minutes to take a look at our journey so far through this video
THANK YOU and A BIGG HUG to all of you who have been so very encouraging..really means a lot to us!

Lots of love xx